Family business with a common passion for animals and for helping people.

Alicia Ducasse, animal trainer


I have been in contact with animals from a very young age. In fact, my parents train animals as movie actors and as pets. I grew up in that environment, and that’s how they instilled in me their passion, their knowledge, and the pleasure of taking good care of animals and understanding their behaviour. Over the years, I participated in their training sessions, and I did a bit of obedience training or I helped to resolve behaviour problems.


To further my knowledge, I went to work on a ranch in Alberta. This allowed me to be in contact with several types of animals, including cows, goats and horses. Obviously, I was accompanied by Kelpie herding dogs.

I worked a lot on preparing animals for movie sets. This requires having a good understanding of animal behaviour, their reactions, the stimuli that bother them, and the discomforts that they experience. Since movie sets are stressful places, we have to “read” the animal right from the start to encourage optimal performance. Time is of the essence.

In my private practice, I regularly work with dogs that have serious problems such as reactivity, aggressiveness or anxiety. There’s a solution for each of those problems, but they require time and consistency. By working with several different owners, I had to learn to understand the specific needs of each one.

Finally, I have trained several dogs for a canine sport called IGP. I won first place at the provincial level, and I participated in national-level competitions. This canine sport requires me to overcome several challenges, and in particular, requires that I work to make the dog’s full potential shine.

Recently, I had the opportunity to train with several international personalities such as Martin Pejsa, Denis Soldan and Marko Koskensalo. With them, I became specialized in the study of behaviour in order to understand how to address and prevent various problems that we can encounter.

Raymond Ducasse, founder

He trained his first dogs in 1972. He participated in his first seminar as an agitator in 1979, in Indiana, USA. With his German shepherd Dillen, he received several titles: DX, CDX, TD, TDX and SCHI. Following those major successes, he competed at the national level. He created a first Schutzhund club in 1980, and he also ran the Ducasse Dog Training Centre until 1990.

Josée Juteau, specialist behaviourist 

Her first dog was a Doberman. As a self-taught person, she attended various dog courses as a spectator, and she reproduced the observations and the strategies she had learned. In 1983, at the age of 19, she left university to devote herself entirely to her passion for dog training. She was hired as a secretary at the Ducasse Dog Training Centre. Her skills were quickly recognized, and she now helps in caring for the animals and training them.


In 1990, Raymond and Josée joined forces to create the company Profilms Animal Actors. This company prepares various animals for lead roles or extra parts in various TV, movie or advertising productions.

Now located in Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, they continue to work in the field by breeding and training dogs, offering obedience classes, or analyzing behaviour.